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Dates to Try

Two people in hiking gear

The warmer weather is coming to a close, which means the colder weather is just on the horizon. Take advantage of the warmer weather to go on some fun dates! Don’t wait until you’re restricted to being indoors before you go on some dates. In this week’s The Element Apartment Homes Blog, we’ll share some date ideas you can try out before the warmer weather goes away!

Go on a Hike

One of the best ways to enjoy the weather here in Mt. Prospect, IL is to go for a hike! Hiking is not only a good form of cardiovascular exercise, it’s also a good way to converse with your date and enjoy nature! Remember to pack some trail snacks, water, and a first aid kit! It’s important to keep hydrated, energized, and prepared for any trailside emergencies. Regardless of the hike, be sure to invest in some hiking boots or shoes to protect your ankles and feet from the harshness of nature!

A Picnic

If you want a casual date, having a picnic is a great choice! Find yourself a nice spot where there’s plenty of shade and access to sunlight. When packing for a picnic, be sure to pack foods that are easily handled and cleaned up like sandwiches, pita wraps, or burritos! You can keep it simple or make it as fancy as you would like, but make sure you’re enjoying the beautiful weather and the company of your date!

Restaurant Hop

This date idea is one of our favorites! Going to a restaurant is fun, but have you ever tried going to different restaurants for different courses of a meal? Start your night by going to a restaurant for an appetizer, move to another restaurant for the entree, and finish your night at your favorite dessert spot! This is a fun way to stay on the move while choosing the best spots to have a meal. Alternatively, you can get a dish from your favorite spots and eat it all at home for a more casual date!