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Easy Spring Tips

a wire basket filled with white eggs

April is just around the corner. Whether you’ve got kids of your own, family coming to town, or you are spending the month treating yourself as you prepare for any spring festivities, we hope that today’s post will inspire you. Take the stress out of decorating and recycle your bounty of candy with the tips we’ve assembled below.

Seasonal Table Settings

If you’re in a jam when it comes to color palettes and decorations to match your seasonal spread, we have a few ideas that will get your creative gears turning. For example, you could turn disposable green silverware and orange paper napkins into festive carrots with a bit of pipe cleaner. Or head the bunny route. Get fancy with this bunny napkin idea. You can also always go the way of pastel or neon with bright vases and mason jars for your centerpieces.

Spring Centerpiece

You can go multiple decorating routes for actual centerpieces. Use a rectangular flower vase to arrange a bright candy base. Then top with marshmallow peeps or some of your favorite spring flowers to give a focal point to your table. You can also use carrots if you’re going for a more rustic and natural look.

Egg Shell Ideas

You can save precious time on dying eggs by using a whisk instead of the conventional spoon. Plus, it’ll mean a more even finish without having to worry about rotating the egg for that perfect look or the mess that usually comes with it. If you’re trying to dye the shells for more permanent decor without all the egg inside, use a clean rubber ear syringe and a bowl to remove the yolk and all in a pinch.

What are your favorite ways to decorate or craft for the spring season here in Mount Prospect, IL? Share with the rest of the Element Apartment Homes community in the comments.