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Get Your Apartment Ready for the New Year

interior shot of a living room showing a couch, storage cubes, tv, and table

Welcome back to the blog for The Element Apartment Homes! Our previous post focused on helping you better yourself as an individual, in or out of your home here in Mount Prospect, IL. But of course, your environment can affect how you feel and what you do! So try these tips for getting your apartment in order this year.


After the holidays you may still have piles of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes lying around. Put away, throw away, and recycle everything you don’t need. Kids may also have lots of toy packaging in their spaces that need to be tossed. Once all the holiday decorations and general trash are out, do some simple apartment upkeep, like vacuuming and wiping off surfaces.

Take an Inventory

Make your home functional: double check that everything in it is working the way it needs to. Check outlets and lights, fix or report to maintenance leaking pipes or sinks, clean vents, and test smoke detectors. Make note of anything else you’ll need help from maintenance or on-site management to fix or address.


Give every item crowding the countertops a home so they’re not cluttering up free space. Items tucked out of sight let your apartment and each amenity in it shine the way they were meant to. Of course, not all things can or should be hidden, at least easily. If you need to open up space in your home for things, try any of these 102 best tips to get your home super organized.


And don’t forget that some things can be decorated with, too! Style a bookshelf with trinkets that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Create a centerpiece or a table runner with spare fabric and silk flowers. Give your things a purpose or showcase how much you love them in your decorating.

What helps you keep your home and your life organized and functional? Let us know in the comments. Good luck!