Gift-Wrapping Tips to Save You Time and Energy

someone putting ribbon on a wrapped present
The winter season is a great time to focus on giving and serving others. If you’re doing so by giving a gift (or a few) to loved ones, try the tips in today’s blog for The Element Apartment Homes for getting through wrapping without too much stress. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be a hassle when you play it smart! Try these ideas out in your apartment or elsewhere in or around Mount Prospect, IL to help make the deed hopefully a bit less of a chore!

Sort according to who the gift is for.

If you have multiple things you’re planning on giving to multiple people, sort it all out as the gifts come in. Designate a big box or an area of your apartment for each person so you can see exactly how much you have for each person, giving you a feel for how much more shopping you need to do. It’s also a good way to keep track of things you’ve bought. (Keep a master list of your purchases, noting which ones have been wrapped and where they’ve been stored, to really keep track, though!)

Start now!

The winter festivities are starting or in full swing, so now is the time to start wrapping so you can avoid being blindsided by mounds of gifts to wrap later. It will also help you avoid the last-minute shopping panic that can lead to impulse buys you may regret later. Being on top of your wrapping also lets you actually enjoy the holiday fun without stressing about wrapping.

To make it a natural part of your day, find ways to wrap gifts when you’re doing other things. This will help the time pass more quickly. For example, if you’re spending time with friends or family members (watching a movie or just having quality time), wrap a couple while you sit and socialize. They may even be able and willing to help you, which can save you a ton of time!

Use boxes.

There will always be those gifts you have that are either impossible or a pain to wrap. Make use of cereal boxes, old watch boxes, or other gift boxes you may have lying around the apartment to wrap these things in. It will save on time, effort, and wrapping paper!

Repurpose other wrapping material.

Of course, wrapping paper can get expensive quickly. If you happen to run out before you expected to and you can’t or don’t want to head to the store for more, wrap with other material! These gift-wrapping tricks make use of other material, such as sweaters, old shirts, scarves, yarn, paper bags, or newspaper, that you can repurpose for gifting.

What are your best gift-wrapping tips? Share with the rest of us so we can all benefit! Thanks for reading. Good luck!