Hosting Holiday Guests


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The Holiday season is fast approaching. You can use your space here at The Element Apartment Homes to host your guests and loved ones. Our apartments make a great spot for celebrating the season. We’ve gathered a few tips to help with the stress that may sometimes come with hosting others in your home!

You want your friends to think you’ve got it all together and planned, but it can be difficult to make every moment feel effortless at your event or during their stay. Follow these tips to take away the stress and give you more time to spend with your loved ones.

Don’t be afraid to learn from trial and error. Be prepared for a variety of situations. For example, some guests feel most comfortable using their own toiletries while others might appreciate a spare toothbrush upon arrival. Keep a few of these essentials on hand for your guests’ convenience.

Stock up on snacks! Traveling can certainly be expensive. You shouldn’t feel obligated to cook a five-course meal three times a day, but a basket with easy snacks like jerky, popcorn, fresh fruit, and granola bars can be a great on-the-go snack when your guests coming to or from their plans for the day here in Mount Prospect, IL.

Prep the bedroom. An extra blanket is the perfect touch when setting up sleeping arrangements for your guest. Make sure sheets are clean and comfortable. A fan or heater might be necessary depending on the room or space. A night light is an inexpensive perk which is helpful when navigating the path to the restroom at night.

Provide towels and toiletries. Other than essentials like soap, toilet paper and towels, it can be fun to provide a “hotel feel” for your guests. Find trial samples or travel options to stock up on. Some places might even give them to you for free! These can be displayed on a counter or in a clear glass jar for a thoughtful and useful decoration.

Home is where the Wi-Fi is! If you don’t know your Wi-Fi password, find out before guests come so they can log in, check emails, look up local restaurants, and Instagram their hearts out! Also picking up a spare phone or device chargers is a relief for travelers who may have forgotten theirs at the last minute.