How to Be a Better Person in 2019

woman teaching a class while standing in front of an easel

With a new year comes a whole list of things you may want to fix or change about yourself. We support making goals that will benefit you and your life in or out of your Element Apartment Home in Mount Prospect, IL! But we’re also here to remind you to regularly focus on being a better person, whether it’s tied to a resolution or not! Try these ideas.

Work on your communication skills.

Communication is at the heart of every professional, personal, and even passing relationship, whether it’s verbal or nonverbal. Understand the power of body language and the simple but important ways you can be a better listener to develop and strengthen your relationships everywhere.

Develop a hobby.

Hobbies bring you joy, which can help you be kinder to others. So invest time in the things you care about. It can also you a conversation starter or a bonding opportunity as you meet and interact with new people. Hobbies can also teach you new skill sets and open you up to personal and professional opportunities.

Help someone.

We all know how jarring and despairing it feels to be lost or stuck. Find a way to help someone. Offer to train an employee at work. Be open about your struggles and coping mechanisms on social media. Help a friend with their chores. Whatever you do, it will teach you how to be a mentor, how to develop a genuine concern for others, and even how to learn from others.


Look for opportunities to give of your time, skills, or resources this year. Instead of throwing away clothes or decorative items, recycle! Do good to the earth and your local economy by donating to a thrift shop. And speaking of donating, consider donating blood or plasma to a local center near you if you can. We all have our own struggles, but your generosity can save lives or add a bit of hope to another person.


Life is full of opportunities for good, but also, unfortunately, ones for bad, too. But holding onto them can keep you from growing and being happy. So focus on forgiving this year — others and even yourself. See how you feel when you do!

What do you focus on to help yourself grow every day? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. We hope you find love, fulfillment, and success with these and other efforts this year.