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How to Crush a Summer Workout

Woman jogging with an overlay that says Summer Workout Tips

Working out takes enough effort as it is, but the heat of the summer can make it extra draining. However, you can have a good experience here in Mt Prospect, IL by visiting our 24-hour fitness center or yoga studio at The Element Apartment Homes and remembering these tips for a successful summer workout.


Check the weather.

Knowing the conditions of where you’re going to be exercising will help you plan and prepare yourself mentally and physically for an effective workout. Know how the heat and the sun affect you, and plan for spending time in areas with plenty of shade if you’re going outside.


Adjust your expectations.

Conditions may drastically affect your performance, and that’s ok! Accepting this will lead to a productive, healthy, and fulfilling workout much better than denying it will. It’s much easier to manage the strain that comes on your body during a workout if you’re in an air-conditioned gym, away from the windows, than if you’re outside (or even near a window at our gym). So give yourself a break and adjust your effort to match reasonable expectations.


Spiff up your wardrobe.

Dressing for the occasion is important in many aspects of life, and it’s especially so with working out! Dress appropriately for the conditions. Make a point to find fitted (not too tight that it doesn’t allow your body to move or breathe easily, but not too loose that it’s clunky and uncomfortable) clothing in lighter colors that reflect the rays of the sun. Opt for cotton over polyester fabrics to help wick away the sweat. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen if  you’re going to be outside. 


Refuel properly.

Drinking plenty of water and eating the right foods before and after your workout is always important. Make an effort to be extra mindful of this in the summer when you’ll be sweating more than you might usually, leading to major electrolyte loss. So plan your snacks and meals .


What helps you get moving in the summertime heat? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great time boosting your summer workout in the upcoming months.