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How to Make the Most of March Madness

closeup of a chain-linked basketball hoop

March is full of things to get excited about, including the first day of spring and shamrock- and pie-filled festivities. But it’s also a time when sixty-eight college basketball teams begin fighting their way to the national championship. Participate in the fun, no matter how well you can shoot, by trying the ideas from the Element Apartment Homes Blog.

Make a Bracket

Part of the fun of the month’s madness rests on making your own educated or totally random predictions with brackets. While some might already have theirs all panned out, making up physical invitations that come with them is a great way to make sure your guests come prepared. You can look up blank brackets online or draw up your own with a ruler if you’re going for a more homemade look. Throw a bit more edge to your bracket invites by offering the winner a prize.

Throw a Party

Watch the biggest game of the season with your friends or coworkers. Set aside time to make it happen so you don’t get caught up in the business of the month and forget! Decorate with colors from each time to keep things friendly, and don’t forget the basketball decorations, games, or snacks!

Host a Competition

You don’t have to be a basketball player to engage in a friendly competition of your own. Have your own ping pong or foosball March Madness tournament this month with friends. Create brackets and see who comes on top! And if you want a different type of competition, fill out brackets of your favorite movies from a genre or a production company and compare your all-time favorites with others online.

What are your best tips for filling out a bracket and otherwise participating in March Madness? Share with the rest of the apartment community here in Mount Prospect, IL by leaving a comment. Enjoy!