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Plants to Grow Year Round

potted plants on a wooden table

In our last blog, we offered some ideas for getting your home here at The Element Apartment Homes ready for the new year. We mentioned the genius of adding plants to it, so today we want to dive further into that concept and offer you a few suggestions for plants to grow in your apartment (or out on the balcony) all year round.

Arabian Jasmine

This beautiful plant not only thrives in conditions abundant in humidity and light (common here in Mount Prospect, IL), but it’s also useful if you drink jasmine tea. Better Homes and Gardens points out that their starry, pure white flowers also produce a soft fragrance to grace your apartment. Plant this indoors near a window or on the patio in a spot where it can be protected from drafts. Water and feed it regularly.

Potted Blue Spruce

Whether you want to raise this Colorado blue spruce into a mini winter holiday tree or you simply like the look of it, add this to your balcony to let it get full sunlight, and put a sponge over the drainage hole to keep in the moisture.


This iconic plant is great to keep indoors. It’s easy to care for, and it does well in a range of environments — the color of the leaves do dim if left in low light — and even in nutrient-rich or nutrient-poor soils. Plant it in a hanging basket or use as a climbing plant on your balcony. Just trim the stems back a little once they get too long. They can grow up to eight feet or longer!

What are your favorite plants for growing in your apartment or on your balcony? Share your ideas and tips in the comments! Thanks for reading. We hope you have a fun and successful time starting or cultivating your garden.