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World Art Day in Mount Prospect, IL

profile of a woman at a museum looking at a piece of art on the wall

Did you know that World Art Day is today, April 15th? In today’s blog for The Element Apartment Homes, we’ll be sharing a list of DIY art projects that you can try, then display around your apartment to celebrate this holiday and to fill your life with the joy of art. Get crafting, or head to a local art gallery here in Mount Prospect, IL to discover the artists of our community!

Flower Art from Babble

This flower art is so fun to make, and it looks great. Be creative with what flowers and sizes you use to make a piece that is your own. To make this artwork you’ll need acrylic paint, a plate, flowers with their stems intact, cardstock or watercolor paper, and a paintbrush (optional).

DIY Geometric Wood Panel Art from Sarah Hearts

This classy piece of art will look great in your space. To make it you’ll need a wood panel, a foam brush, wood stain, painter’s tape, double-sided tape, craft paint, a paintbrush, and a geometric template.

Rainbow Metallic Art from Instructables

This piece may look intimidating, but it’s a great way to use your creativity to make something magical! You’ll need the following supplies to make this piece: canvases, newspaper, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, water, and a paper cup.

Watercolor Wall Art from Better Homes & Gardens

This is a great item to make with kids or a group of friends. It’s simple to do and creates a lot of fun! To make this artwork you’ll need tempera paint, dish soap, water, bowls, drinking straws, and white paper.

Head out of your apartment for an evening of enlightenment at any of these art museums near Mount Prospect. Do you have a favorite art gallery near us? Share it with the rest of the apartment community in the comments below.